Why should I buy one of your products?

Everyone has a different idea of what overlanding is. One of the great things about overlanding is that there is no one way to do it. How you do it is the absolute right way for you and that's all that really matters. We see the Ram, Bronco, Ranger, Tacoma, Jeep, 4Runner, Land Rover and other off road vehicles as fantastic overlanding platforms and for us, that means exploring and camping as far off the grid as possible. Our products help make that kind of overlanding experience more enjoyable because we can build exactly what you want.

How much is this going to cost?

Each custom 4WD-Mod.com product has unique features that will impact pricing. After an initial conversation, we send a proposal with a range of expected materials cost. A detailed price estimate is produced after the design is approved by the client. No materials are ordered until the client approves the estimate and pays for materials. Design fees are separate from the build estimate and are waived for non-custom ("standard") products. Shipping and handling is priced depending on method of delivery. We are finalizing our first product designs (Fridge/drawer cabinetPlate Storage System, and Super Pacific Camper Mod). As soon as this process is complete, we will post pricing on the site. Stay tuned.

What do you use to build your solutions?

The basis for 4WD-Mod.com products is a very strong and lightweight industrial-grade aluminum T-slot framing system (not 80/20). The system we use is a professional-grade, German system designed for industrial applications with patented, hidden connectors. It is lightweight, beautiful, super strong, and does not require brackets, Loctite, or regular bolt tightening. Nothing is going to shake loose. It is also well suited for overlanding solutions as it has a variety of channel profile sizes that easily and securely lock to each other with pieces we precisely cut to fit the design requirements. Clear anodized finish, but matte black anodized is available as well in certain profiles. Other components are selected for quality and appropriateness for mobile applications. We use 3/4" bamboo, Baltic birch plywood, marine-grade plywood, marine compression latches, flush slam latches, and stainless steel hardware. Our drawer boxes are solid birch with dovetail joints mounted to full-extension slides. We use heavy duty lock-in/lock-out slides for most applications.  We finish our Plate Storage System with waterproof vinyl plank flooring that is incredibly durable and looks like real wood. Our Power Management Module (PMM) uses VictronRenogy, and Xantrex components...leading suppliers to the RV, overlanding, and marine industries. We like ARB, Engel, Iceco, and Alu-Cab to round out our builds.

How are your products delivered?

If you live in the Seattle area, or willing to drive your rig to Seattle, the solution is installed in person at no charge. Otherwise, the product is shipped disassembled for assembly and installation by the customer. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs. All assembly hardware and a detailed Assembly/Installation Guide are included with each 4WD-Mod.com product.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

It depends. Since 2008, Washington has used the destination-based sales tax system, also known as the “streamlined sales tax.” Under this system, the point of sale (the location where sales tax is calculated) is considered to be the point of delivery or where the buyer receives or takes possession of the merchandise (i.e. the destination). If you take delivery at my shop, you pay Bellevue WA sales tax. If you take possession at your location, then the sales tax you pay is dependent on the sales tax rate for that location.

What is your relationship with Super Pacific?

Right now we are just friends, but we are hoping for something more meaningful in the near future.

Will the Camper Mod work with any truck?

Yes. Although designed initially for the Tacoma long bed, the Super Pacific Camper Mod will work with any truck supported by GFC and Super Pacific. It can even work with short bed trucks like the Ford Ranger SuperCrew (or the new Ranger Raptor)...there just would be less space between the back of the cabinet and the bench seat. We actually really like the Ranger option as it has a slightly taller and wider bed than the Tacoma.